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Make your mark as Project Planner to significantly contribute to the project and tender support department within the Offshore Energy division. Your goal is to achieve a high level of added value for all projects and tender scheduling works.

You will report to the Manager Project and tender support. You will ensure that the planning team, consisting of around 12 team members, working in different locations in the world, have all the necessary support and means to successfully support the project and tender organization and fulfill the organizations goals.

In a typical workday as a project planner, you start your morning by organizing the planning process within either a tender or project environment, setting the stage for a productive day ahead. Your primary task involves creating a robust schedule, a process that requires careful collaboration with all involved specialists and disciplines. You gather input meticulously, ensuring that the schedule is comprehensive and reflective of the project’s multifaceted nature.

As the day progresses, you navigate the delicate balance between technical, operational, and commercial aspects, a testament to your ability to harmonize diverse project requirements. Your work is not just about planning; it’s about integrating varying wishes into a coherent, achievable schedule.

Communication plays a key role in your daily activities. You ensure that the right conversations about progress and potential bottlenecks in project planning take place. This involves facilitating discussions that are both critical and constructive, ensuring that everyone is aligned and informed about the project’s status and upcoming milestones.

Your analytical skills come into play as you sift through the day’s challenges, distinguishing between main issues and side issues with ease. This ability allows you to focus on what truly matters, ensuring that your energy and attention are directed towards resolving critical challenges that could impact the project timeline.

Visual communication is another important aspect of your day. You work visually, creating presentations and visuals that succinctly convey the essence of the project’s status and next steps. Your ability to communicate in a pleasant and effective manner makes these presentations not just informative, but engaging for your audience, whether they’re team members or stakeholders.

Throughout the day, your role as a project planner is dynamic, requiring a blend of strategic thinking, effective communication, and meticulous organization. By the end of the day, you’ve contributed significantly to keeping the project on track, ensuring that every team member is aligned with the project’s goals and schedule

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3 - 6 years relevant work experience Expert / Skilled user of Primavera
Full knowledge of planning theory, aware of industry best practices Good command of English (written and spoken). Good knowledge of project management (IPMA D or equivalent) and risk management
Good knowledge of BU operations Good knowledge of Critical Path Methods practices
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